Women and Girls in STEM Forum

Bringing together policymakers, industry leaders, and students to advance the European agenda on gender equality in STEM education and careers.

About the forum

Girls Go Circular, in collaboration with the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC), is organising the Women and Girls in STEM Forum, an annual event that gathers researchers, practitioners, and influential stakeholders in STEM and gender equality and connects them with the students who participate in Girls Go Circular’s innovative learning programme.

The event hosts high-level discussions on eliminating gender bias from STEM, entrepreneurial, and digital disciplines and inspires the future EU action on these themes. It also celebrates the participation of thousands of girls and boys from eight European countries in the project and offers them the opportunity to meet inspirational mentors.

Closing the gender gap for a sustainable future

There is a clear link between promoting transversal – digital and entrepreneurial – skills, STEM disciplines, and the green and digital transitions in the European Union. Innovation, novel perspectives, and creative solutions in these fields are vital for a prosperous and sustainable future. Therefore, it is crucial that diverse actors, including women and under-represented groups, take part in ensuring a more inclusive and just transition. The Women and Girls in STEM Forum contributes to the discussion on achieving a carbon-neutral, circular economy and addressing the gender gap in education and training.

The younger generation will be the one to embrace this challenge and push it forward. Through the Women and Girls in STEM Forum, we connect students, policymakers, and representatives from science and industry, giving them a chance to gain inspiration and learn from each other.

The Women and Girls in STEM Forum encompasses two parallel streams:



The High Level Panel hosts policymakers, researchers and other influential stakeholders in digital education and gender equality. They discuss the challenge of eliminating gender bias from STEM, entrepreneurial and digital disciplines and give their recommendations for future action.


Students involved in the Girls Go Circular project meet inspirational mentors and exchange with their peers. Women who are at the forefront of creating a fair and open digital transition and in leading entrepreneurial positions act as role models and inspire students to embrace their passion free from any societal or cultural prejudice.

Women and Girls in STEM Forum 2021

The first edition of the Women and Girls in STEM Forum gathered on 28 October 2021 over 400 policy-makers, researchers, industry leaders, students, and teachers to advance the European discussions on gender equality in STEM and ICT disciplines. The speakers proposed ideas for further action and reported on several initiatives that are already advancing gender equality in key areas and empowering women to pursue STEM careers. Some of the key moments at the Women and Girls in STEM Forum 2021 can be found in the Highlights Video. One of the event highlights was the video competition, where student teams from Poland, Portugal and Serbia shared their take on gender equality in STEM. The popular voting crowned the Polish Team as the winner, whose video can be found below.

The main findings at the first edition of the event have been summarised in the WGSF Policy Brief, which highlights important European policies and initiatives to reduce gender bias in STEM and ICT and empower women in taking an active role in the twin green and digital transitions. Have a look at the policy brief and find inspiration to promote gender equality in STEM and ICT!

Policy brief

Check out the main European policies and initiatives touched upon at the Women and Girls in STEM Forum 2021.

Event programme

Here you can find the detailed schedule of the sessions planned for the first edition of the forum.

The second edition of Women and Girls in STEM Forum in 2022 is coming soon…

Stay tuned!

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