Women and Girls in STEM Forum

Girls Go Circular Video Contest for Secondary School Students

What is the Women and Girls in STEM Forum?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. ICT stands for information and communications technology. In today’s world, these disciplines are fundamental. But there is a problem. Currently, women only represent 17% of people in ICT studies and employment in the EU, although girls outperform boys in digital literacy. Moreover, only one in three STEM graduates is a woman. Increasing women participation in STEM can not only contribute to a more inclusive Europe but also bring new innovative perspectives, leading to an increase in the quality of life and to new career opportunities for everyone. Dismantling gender stereotypes and raising awareness of STEM disciplines is therefore a priority for Europe.

The EU-funded Girls Go Circular Project aims to reduce the Digital and STEM Gender Gap by equipping 50,000 schoolgirls aged 14-18 across Europe with digital and entrepreneurial skills by 2027. The Women and Girls in STEM Forum is the project’s yearly event, organised in collaboration with the European Commission, Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture. More information about the event is available here. During the Women and Girls in STEM Forum, we would like to celebrate students’ participation in the Girls Go Circular project, offer them the opportunity to meet inspirational mentors and to make their voice heard through the Girls Go Circular Video Contest.


The Girls Go Circular Video Contest

The Girls Go Circular Video Contest is open to students aged 14-19 whose school participates in the project in 2021. We would like students to work in team with their peers and produce a short video on the challenges and opportunities of promoting gender equality in STEM and ICT.

We will then select the best three videos and show them during the Women and Girls in STEM Forum, where the best one will be voted. The winning team will get the chance to participate in an innovative and fun coding masterclass.

Sounds exciting? Then read the information below and get your camera ready!

Rules for participation 

To participate in the Girls Go Circular video contest you must:

Be a school student.
Be 14-19 years old.
Be enrolled in one of the schools that are part of the Girls Go Circular project in 2021.
Form a team with fellow students from your school, composed of 3-6 people. At least half of the team should be composed by girls . Remember that we are all working together for gender equality!

The Challenge 

Each team should create a 1-3 minutes video, giving their personal take on one of these three themes:


I/We thought STEM and ICT was not for women, but then…


What are the gender stereotypes around STEM and ICT and how can we change them?


The future of Europe, where men and women will equally contribute to STEM and ICT, will be/look like…

The video must be in English or, alternatively, have English subtitles and should be submitted by the 22th October 2021!

Award criteria and prize 

The videos submitted will be reviewed and scored according to the following criteria:

Creativity and uniqueness
There are infinite ways to present and interpret the challenge, let us hear your voice!
Quality of verbal and non-verbal communication
Invest time in thinking and preparing the dialogues, shots, sequences and scenery. Every detail of your video should contribute to telling your story.
Technical execution and visual appeal

Make it professional, the viewers will appreciate it.

Clear and compelling expression of message

Help us understand exactly what you mean.

Sincerity and credibility of statement

Everything above is important, but you will only be believed if you believe in what you are saying.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code while having fun? Then this is the right place for you. 

The winning team will receive a coding masterclass with ImagiLabsThe masterclass will take place online, and in English.

Furthermore, the 3 best videos will be shown during the event plenary, and you will have the opportunity to present your ideas and interact with high-level representatives from the EU, academia and the private sector.

What is the role of the teachers? 

If your school participates in the Girls Go Circular project, you will have received this information from either EIT RawMaterials or your Junior Achievement national office.

As a teacher, you have the possibility to give your students the opportunity to win a coding masterclass and to give your school high-level European visibility during the Women and Girls in STEM Forum.

Please share the information about this challenge with your students, motivate them to participate and support them in developing their ideas.

Many thanks and see you at the Women and Girls in STEM Forum!

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